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Honours Degree Courses

Below you will find a short video and some basic information on our main undergraduate programmes. Click the link associated with each course to get more comprehensive information


BSc in Biomedical Science             

Course Code: CR320  

Entry Points: 545 pts (2016)


Pharmaceutical Biotechnology       

Course Code: CR325    

Entry points: 360 pts (2016)


Nutrition & Health Science  

Course Code: CR333    

Entry Points: 380 pts (2016)


Herbal Science                            

Course Code: CR330    

Entry Points: 340 pts (2016)


Ordinary Degree Courses


Applied Biosciences                      

Course Code: CR006 

Entry Points: 355 pts (2016)


In year 3 of this programme students have the option of enrolling for:

Applied Biosciences & Biotechnology CR_SBIBI_7

Food & Health Science CR_SFSTE_7   


Postgraduate courses

MSc in Computational Biology CR_SCMPB_9


This course is designed to offer Bioscience and Computer Science graduates the opportunity to develop their knowledge of computing technologies,  computational biology and statistics and apply this to the solution of life science problems.