BioExplore is a life science research group housed in the multidisciplinary CREATE building at MTU Cork’s Bishopstown Campus. Comprising 12 principal investigators, and more than 50 researchers, the primary aim of the group is to improve detection and management of infectious agents in the medical, veterinary, and agricultural sectors, as well as monitoring the prevalence of antibiotic resistance in clinical and healthcare settings. While much of the research is conducted in-house, in our state-of-the-art facilities, Bioexplore researchers have established strong collaborative links, with industry and academic partners, both nationally and internationally – creating a global footprint.

Funded from a variety of sources, including the Irish State and the EU, as well as Industry and philanthropy, BioExplore researchers have achieved international recognition, publishing more than 500 high impact peer-reviewed papers, as well as giving numerous keynote presentations at international conferences. Much of the research output is commercializable, leading to patents, licences and ultimately to clinical interventions with the potential to save lives!

BioExplore targets areas crucial for developing our national R&D capacity, such as “basic biomedical sciences, information technology, bioengineering and drug development.

Our research is wide reaching and frequently multidisciplinary. Our theme is ‘Discover, Design, Deliver’.

Our research groups are concerned with diagnosing, characterizing and treating pathogens and toxins, using approaches such as peptide analysis & engineering, including bio-informatics & molecular diagnostics, focusing on therapeutic applications in infectious disease, gut health and cancer.

CREATE Building
Centre for Advanced Therapeutic Engineering
Cork Institute of Technology