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Rooms / Theatres 


We have a number of dedicated lecture rooms in our department which are equipped with multi media facilities. The room capacities vary from 35 - 80 depending on the class size. Larger classes are catered for in shared lecture theatres on campus. Opposite is an example of one of our departmental lecture rooms.








Supplementary notes & handouts

Lecturing notes are supplemented with course specific handouts prepared by the lecturer. These are made available to the student in printed format or are accessible online.





Many modules are now delivered with the aid of an online management system (Blackboard) which allows the lecturer interface with the student by providing, notes, assessments, feedback and general class information.




IT support

In some cases interactive lectures requiring online access are delivered in our Information Technology laboratory allowing both student and lecturer the ability to collaborate in real time on lecturing material and content.






Library resources

CIT operates one of the most technologically advanced libraries in the country with over 500 individual study spaces. All CIT students have access to reference books, journals, exam papers, online databases, printing facilities and audio-visual equipment within the library.      






Some modules (subjects) are examined by continuous assessement throughout the year. These ususally consist of projects, essays, industry visit reports, MCQ exams, class presentations, group based tasks etc. Other modules are examined through formal examination in dedicated exam centres throughout the campus such as the one illustrated across.