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Dr Helen O'Shea

education and career profile

Dr Helen O’Shea was awarded her BSC (Hons) from UCC in 1985, and went on to complete a PhD in TCD, graduating in 1990. She was a Post-Doctoral Research Associate in the University of Cambridge from 1990-1996, when she moved to Ireland to take up a position as a Lecturer in CIT.  She served as chair of the Post-Graduate Research Board in CIT from 2001-2008; was actively involved in CIT’s successful application for delegated authority Dr. O’Shea has played a key role in obtaining funding of over €1,646,298 (personal funding for group); and is involved as a partner in funding of over €9,497,428 awarded to date: from Cullen Fellowship, ERA-Net, Departments of Agriculture and Health, IRCSET and the TRS to support scientific research, including two FIRM grants, with CIT as Lead Partner and Dr. O’Shea as P.I..  She has active collaborations with UCC, UCD, DCU, AFBI and the Universities of Bari, Leuven and Dalhousie, resulting in several publications.  Dr. O’Shea is currently in receipt of funding from; the Department of Agriculture, (FIRM)and the Marine Institute (Cullen Fellowship).  She was a key member in the CREATE/Bioexplore team, where €3.8 million was awarded to CIT under PRTLIV funding.


Research interests 

Main areas of research interest; Virology and epidemiology, in particular gastroenteritis viruses, infecting both humans and food animals.  Antibiotic resistance, biofilms and the antibacterial/antiviral effects of bioactive glass, marine bioactives and how these can add value to foods etc.


ongoing research 

  • Investigation of respiratory disease on Irish pig farms, associated risk factors, and the relationship with performance, welfare and antimicrobial use. Funding Body: FIRM (Department of Agriculture). Post Graduate Student: Ms Rose Fitzgerald
  • Next generation sequencing to determine the occurrence of Norovirus Genotype. Funding Body: Marine Institute (Cullen Fellowship). Post Graduate Student: Ms Amy Fitzpatrick


previous research 

  • SeaRefinery [Marine Bioactives from Saccharina lasissima). Funding Body: ERA Net (EU). Post Graduate Student: Ms Orlaith O’Connell
  • Zoonotic Potential of Rotavirus. Funding Body: FIRM (Department of Agriculture). Post Graduate Students: Dr Norma Reidy, Dr Grainne Lennon, Dr PJ Collins, Dr Olivia Cashman



Relevant publications include:

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Book Chapters (invited)

  • Viral Pathogens as Therapeutic Delivery Vehicles: in Patho-Biotechnology EdS: Roy Sleator and Colin Hill ISBN: 978-1-58706-304-6 Chapter author: Helen O'Shea (invited chapter).
  • Rotavirus: In Molecular Detection of Animal Rotavirus Pathogens. Helen O’Shea, P. J. Collins, Lynda Gunn, Barbara A. Blacklaws, John McKillen and Miren Iturriza Gómara (invited chapter).
  • Elsevier Module (invited): Viruses associated with foodborne infections. H. O’Shea, B. A. Blacklaws, P.J. Collins, J. McKillen , R. Fitzgerald. Helen O'Shea (