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Dr Janette Walton

education and career profile

Dr Janette Walton graduated from UCC with a BSc (General), a HDip in Applied Sciences (Nutrition), an Msc (Nutrition), a PhD (Nutrition) and a PG Cert (Teaching and Learning in Higher Education). She is currently studying for an MA (Teaching and Learning in Higher Education) at CIT.
With extensive experience in both food industry (including Ferrero Ireland Ltd. Heinz European and Chilled Foods and Neville Bros. Ltd) and academia (CIT, UCC), Dr Walton is currently a lecturer at the Department of Biological Sciences in CIT and is a Principal Investigator on the IUNA national dietary survey research in Ireland ( She has authored over 65 peer-reviewed papers (see Pubmed) and has a H-index of 21 and an i10 index of 37 (as of May 2019). She is an active member of the UK Nutrition Society since 2002 and acts as an institute ambassador for this learned society following a recent 5 year term as membership secretary on the society’s Irish Section. She is a committee member of the Public Health Nutrition sub-committee of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland. She is currently supervising 6 PhD students and 4 MSc students.


research interests 

Dr Walton’s main research interests are on the dietary intake of the Irish population and its potential impact on nutrition and health. She has been involved in the development of National databases of dietary intake and health status since 2002 through national nutrition surveys of the population from age 1 to 90 years.


ongoing research 

2018-2020 National Teen’s Food Consumption Survey II (DAFM)
2016-2019 National Children’s Food Consumption Survey II (DAFM)
2016-2019 Analysis of Irish Universities Nutrition Alliance (IUNA) national food consumption databases to determine the role of beef and lamb in the Irish diet (as part of programme 7 meat and health) EI (Centres of Competency Scheme) and Irish Meat industry
2016-2019 Development of biofortification approaches for enhanced vitamin K content of foods (DAFM)
2016-2019 Development of Riboflavin biomarkers to relate dietary sources with status, gene-nutrient Interactions and validated health effects in adult cohorts (Science Ireland (JPI))
2018-2020 National Teen’s food Consumption Survey II (DAFM)


previous research 

2002-2005 Development of a national food consumption database for children for risk assessment of food-borne chemicals and nutrient intakes (DAFM)
2005-2007 Development of food consumption database for risk assessment of food borne chemicals, packaging materials and food fortification in Irish children and adolescents (DAFM)
2006-2008 Analysis of National Children’s Food Survey for development of food-based dietary guidelines (HSE/Safefood)
2008-2013 National Food consumption databases for Food Safety & Nutrition (DAFM)
2008-2013 National Nutrition Phenotype Database (DAFM)
2014-2016 National Nutrition databases for public health and new product development (NUTRIDATA) (DAFM)
2014-2016 JINGO-JPI: European Nutritional Phenotype Database Sharing initiative within the Joint Programme Initiative (DAFM)
2014-2016 DietIreland – Development of online dietary assessment tool (DAFM)



>65 peer-reviewed full papers; Full list of papers available at PUBMED

  All Since 2014
Citations 4014 3926
h-index 21 20
i10-index 37 37

Scientific papers (peer-reviewed) Recent papers (since 2016)
• Gibney, MJ, O’Sullivan, A., Flynn, A., Walton, J., Daniel, H., Manios, Y., Martinez A., Saris W.H.M., Gibney E.R. & Uzhova, I. (2019). Analysis of the National Adult Nutrition Survey (Ireland) and the Food4Me Nutrition Survey Databases to Explore the Development of Food Labelling Portion Sizes for the European Union. Nutrients, 11(1). doi:10.3390/nu11010006
• O’Donovan, C.B., Devlin, N.F., Buffini, M., Walton, J., Flynn, A., Gibney, M.J., Nugent, A.P. & McNulty, B.A. (2019). Whole grain intakes in Irish adults: findings from the National Adults Nutrition Survey (NANS). European Journal of Nutrition, 58(2), 541-550. doi:10.1007/s00394-018-1615-3
• Rahill, S., Kennedy, A., Walton, J., McNulty, B. A., & Kearney, J. (2019). The factors associated with food fussiness in Irish school-aged children. Public Health Nutrition, 22(1), 164-174. doi:10.1017/S1368980018002835
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