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Prof. Roy Sleator

Education and Career Profile

MBA – Leadership & Management, Anglia Ruskin University, UK, 2021.
DSc – Published Works, National University or Ireland (NUI), 2017.
PhD - Molecular Biology, University College Cork (UCC), 2001.
MA - Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, UCC, 2010.
PGCert – Bioinformatics, University of Manchester, UK, 2009.
BSc (Hons.) - Microbiology, UCC, 1997.


Professor (Full), Department of Biological Sciences, CIT, since 2016.
Adjunct Professor, School of Microbiology, UCC, since 2017.
Funded Investigator, APC Microbiome Institute, UCC, since 2013.


Research interests 

My general research focus is on health and well-being of the human gastrointestinal tract.


Ongoing research 

Engineered probiotics as delivery and expression platforms in the gut


Previous research

2017-2021 Irish Research Council (GOIPG/2017/1685)
2017-2017 Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Industry Fellowship
2016-2019 ABP Food Group
2015-2015 AWS Education Research Grant
2015-2017 Irish Research Council (GOIPD/2015/53)
2014-2018 Irish Research Council (POIPG/2014/918)
2014-2015 Safefood Research Project (01-2014)
2013-2017 Teagasc, Walsh Fellowship (2012015)
2013-2016 Science Foundation Ireland (APC innovation platform)
2013-2014 Teagasc, Walsh Fellowship (2014209)
2012-2015 Irish Research Council (RS/2012/219)
2012-2015 Irish Research Council (RS/2012/122)